Course description

Are you new in programming? Or have you already learned any programming language? In both cases, the Full Stack course is best suited for a successful start in the IT field. You will be studying both separately as well as in pairs and groups. There is no dry theory in the classroom – the material is presented in an interesting and simple manner. We focus on practice and real projects.

The program includes “Algorithms”, and this module is used only for specialized universities. The program also provides work on adaptive sites, applications such as Tinder and Instagram, landings using interesting methods – for example, mini-games. As a result, you will know languages ​​and frameworks such as JavaScript, Java EE, jQuery, Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Redux, Spring, Hibernate. With the help of representatives from the industry, we will prepare you for the practice of interviewing in English, and you can add developed projects to your portfolio.

Who is this course for?

  • those who wish to learn how to write code on real cases and practical examples those
  • who wish to develop teamwork- and self-presentation skills anyone
  • who wants to become a programmer from scratch or want to improve their knowledge


What will you be able to

  • Know the popular programming languages ​​and to work with it
  • Know FrontEnd and BackEnd, the Spring IoC, Spring Security, Hibernate, React.js, Node, Express.js, MongoDB, MVC Framework and others
  • Know the algorithms and to analyze the computer performance
  • Develop web interfaces and applications, manage sets and databases, test and scale programs
  • Secure the site or application
  • Develop yours soft-skills, interview in English, to present yourself and your product in a foreign language


Preparation for the beginning

Our students start practicing as soon as they have successfully passed both enrollment tests. Everyone of them will receive a list of Java learning books and the first theoretical task. Therefore, at the first lesson they can immediately start practicing on specific examples with the flipped classroom method.

JavaScript / FrontEnd client technologies

After this module, students will be able to create web interfaces of any complexity using JavaScript, React.js, Node, Express.js, MongoDB.

This includes creating a site or an app with the help of HTML, CSS, and templates, develop online games, chat rooms, trading systems and messengers.

Server technologies Java EE / BackEnd

All the most popular technologies, such as Java EE, will be explored and used during writing full-fledged server systems. In addition, we will study the Spring IoC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Sql, NoSql, web servers and cloud technologies.

The same module includes the basics of object-oriented programming. Students will consider the concepts and ideas underlying the well-known technologies. Apply the principles of OOP / SOLID, design patterns, TDD. Let us write our own frameworks for a better understanding of existing standards in the industry.

This module also includes a pair programming, studying of coding styles (pure code, Google code), CRM, ORM, authentication and cookies, online store building, Instagram system analysis. The module is based on the latest industry standards.

Usually, only students of technical universities are dealing with this. It is the basis of computer science. The acquired knowledge will serve as a strong technical basis for the further development.

Algorithms and data structure

In the base module, students will learn the basic structures and algorithms of data, conventional and typed arrays, string variables, linked lists, stacks, queues, and more. T

Students will be introduced to hashing, DFS and BFS graphs, dynamic programming, “greedy algorithms”, non-cumulative systems, binary and prefix trees, caching algorithms, etc. A complicated but very important module that is needed to understand the work of efficient scalable applications.

After the first two modules, students will have a clear idea of ​​the complexity of the algorithm; will be able to analyze the speed. In total, they will have up to solve 60 tasks, using only a practical approach.


From the basics of algorithms until the end of the whole course, students will take part in master classes, workshops and webinars from Israeli and Ukrainian specialists.

Soft skills, technical English and interview preparation

In parallel with the third module, students will begin to develop their internal qualities and prepare themselves for self-presentation.

We will simulate full-fledged job interviews, creating conditions that are as close as possible to the real ones.

Together with professional recruiters and industry engineers, we will work on the summary of each student, his ability to present himself and his work, ability to communicate; we will also provide full support in the process of interviewing.

Final Project

Student teams will work on potential startups under weekly scrum-master support. After 6 weeks of close-knit work, the students will present the project to the members of Advisory Board.

Course instructors

  • Sergii Lisnychyi

    Sergii Lisnychyi

    Senior Java Developer, Ciklum

  • Stanislav Chyrva

    Stanislav Chyrva

    Software Engineer, EPAM Systems

  • Rostislav Svidelsky

    Rostislav Svidelsky

    Senior FrontEnd Engineer, Weblium

Flexible Tuition Fees

Don’t let money stop you from landing your dream tech job!

Find the payment option that works best for you.

  • Prepayment

    Get our best offer by paying for the entire course in one instalment as you enrol.

  • Half/Half

    Cover half of the course cost as you start and the other half after you complete your final project.

  • Monthly

    Pay a fixed monthly amount during the full run of your training.

  • Learn Now - Pay Later

    Start repaying your course fees only after you’ve found employment.

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