In 2020, thanks to our best practices in Kyiv, we announced enrolment for programming courses in Dnipro. 

Now anyone, who is interested in programming, has a great chance to finally join the successful IT-world. 

To determine the best course to study, please, look through options offered on this page. Our managers in Dnipro will answer your questions related to programs and admission process.

It does not matter if you are a newbie, a beginner or an advanced user. During the courses, you will receive all the tools necessary for training, learn to work in a group and individually, get additional skills of competent presenting the results of your work to the client.

All programs of the training center are agreed and coordinated by the experienced market specialists, the members of the Supervisory Board,  who also ensure all the programs remain relevant and in demand. Dnipro is currently not able to offer a wide selection of various programs for training in the IT-field, so we recommend that you check out our courses and choose the one that suits your future tasks the most. 

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