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Interaction design (UI/UX)

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20 July

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Course description

During the course, you will learn to hear the client and build constructive communication from idea birth and prototyping to effective and implementable design solutions.
The process of training is based on practice at most and each lesson familiarizes students with a specific topic with real cases and examples to analyze to adopt the best practices.
We will teach you how to present ideas in a non-trivial way and implement design solutions. Various design tools starting from Photoshop to Figma will be used during the course.

This course is designed to obtain skills ranging from the ability of ideas sketching on paper and prototyping to creating not just visually attractive but easy-to-use websites and application layouts.

Students will present their solutions to real customers. We will develop 4 real projects together that will complete your professional portfolio.

The fundamental rule is to learn to hear the customer and give him a reason why some design solutions should be realized in a particular way to get benefits.

For whom

people over 16 years old who want to become a designer, but are lacking skills and knowledge

everyone who wants to develop simple commercially successful websites

all graphic and web designers who decide to move into UI / UX design

What will you be able to

master the design fundamentals ranging from basic principles, like composition and a favorable color scheme selection to details in the psychology of web pages perception

know about business planning, effective communication with a customer and establishing achievable time frames

start spotting inaccuracies in bad design decisions, adopt successful experience and be able to distinguish one from another

sketch ideas and use a personal approach to finding a design solution for a customer’s idea

develop design solutions for landing pages, admin panels, and mobile applications

work in Photoshop, InVision Studio, Sketch App

present and sell your product to the customer, be able to present yourself briefly and clearly


Preparatory stage

After passing the interview and test successfully, students start preparing for the course. The course-coordinator and managers share the materials that have to be studied before the course beginning – literature, data, statistics, etc.
Students have to know the graphic editor to complete the course successfully. Therefore, before the main course students have to take pre-course Photoshop training. In two weeks we will teach you all the required Photoshop tools to have the necessary design skills and know the basic techniques.

Landing page creation

The first project that will be developed by students is a landing page creation, promo version.
Starting from fundamentals, we will learn to listen to the client, understand his business and target audience, think through a plan, implement it in a paper version, and then design it in a graphic editor.
This module helps to understand the basic concepts for the successful layout creation: composition, color theory, grid, navigation, typography.
Students will master the visual design Gestalt principles, Nielsen heuristics for interfaces, building navigation, and its approaches.
At the end of the module, each student will develop a unique website design solution for a real client, test it and defend their results.

Site admin panel

This time the tasks are more complex, and we will start to create not just pages of the selling site, but the real admin panel with multiple features and pages. The module begins with more advanced UX techniques, then we will analyze the human perception psychology, especially human memory and vision. For better understanding the constituent blocks in the design, we will deal with objects, hierarchies, properties, understand how a person searches for the necessary information, how he discards the unnecessary. Also in this module, we will study data visualization, Walt Disney laws, animation of interfaces.
At the end of this module, students design the admin panel and defend it in front of the client. And, of course, they replenish their portfolio with this work.

Mobile app

This module is built around design development for various platforms: from mobile applications to design for AR/VR. The main focus is on the development of mobile app design. We will learn to understand the developers, present the results of our work to them correctly, and master the basics of HTML / CSS. The final part of the module will be devoted to your portfolio preparation, effective techniques of presenting yourself and your work, conducting interviews with employers.

Upon completion, we present our designs to the client, prepare a portfolio, finalize the design of our startup Global Project and meet the potential employers.

Employment and Career Promotion Tips

Special attention will be paid to your portfolio preparation, skills of presenting ideas and projects, Business English and recommendations from a career interview specialist.

Additional workshops

At the same time with the main training, students will be able to attend workshops with invited speakers.

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