Programming Essentials

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The course is perfect for those who want to start programming, but have not decided yet in which direction they want to develop themselves. For 2 months of training, you will learn basics of programming: HTML + CSS and the basics of JavaScript, from parsing the syntax and tags to creating blocks, forms and landing pages. You will learn how to use the layout tools and independently write code for browsers. The final part of the course will be the final project – creating a landing page in the following format: whole site on one page.

This course is your first step to development in such areas

Full Stack            Frontend           Interaction design (UI/UX)

Group starting 



Wed, Fri: 19:00 - 22:00
Sun: 10:00 - 16:30


100 hours


25 people

Who will benefit? 

  • beginner programmers (who have no experience) who want to connect their future with progressive web development
  • those who want to start their careers in the IT field, but do not know how to start
  • SEO-specialists, testers
  • web programmers and HTML coders
  • web designers, UI/UX designers
  • programmers who want to learn new technologies
  • anyone who wants to try himself or herself as a programmer

Course Structure

Immediately after passing the interview and enrollment, the student starts preparing for studies. As a first homework assignment, the student receives literature and links to video lessons, with which he will be acquainted before the start of the 100-hours course.

Conditions of Enrollment: 

age from 16 years
knowledge of English is not lower than Pre-Intermediate
successful passing of interview and testing
desire to learn and develop
personal laptop
*Technical knowledge/education is not required

You will be able to 

  • understand syntax and markup language of HTML & CSS
  • create responsive forms in web pages
  • create cross-browser pages
  • create adaptive (mobile) versions of sites
  • understand syntax and JavaScript methods
  • manage interaction with forms, images and links on the page
  • create animations and smooth transitions

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