Programming for Kids&Teens

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Today’s world makes its own rules. Children from an early age cannot imagine their life without the Internet, smartphones, and tablets and also have an interest in any gadgets. Why don’t we turn it into a cool hobby that will become a prestigious and beloved profession in the future? This course is a first step to the programming world. Here any child can create his own game, mobile app, website, model for 3D-printing and understand how everything is arranged and why coding is awesome.

Group starting 



Tue, Thu: 16:00 - 17:30
Tue, Thu: 17:30 - 19:00


76 hours


12 people

Who will benefit? 

  • kids and teens who cannot imagine their life without a smartphone or computer
  • everyone who is interested in IT and already want to try himself in the field of programming
  • teens who want to continue their education in this field
  • anyone who wants to learn how to create sites, print on 3D printers and develop apps
  • everyone who is looking for a really interesting hobby to have fun and spend time usefully

Course Structure

At the beginning the child will learn elementary concepts on the basis of the game creation process, and will get the starting knowledge. Scratch will help him on this way.

Scratch is an event-oriented programming environment. In other words, you can create programs here using graphic blocks and captions to them, if you select the desired language.

Scratch is the first step that will allow a child to enter the programming world.
This block will enable:
• study and create algorithms
• create variables
• design the logic of the game
• create a game

At the end of the first block, the child will have his very own game.

Conditions of Enrollment: 

9-15 years old
knowledge of English would be an advantage
*Technical knowledge is not required

You will be able to 

  • create sites both in the constructor and with the help of HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • create 3D models for printing on a 3D printer
  • develop mobile mini-apps in Python
  • create your own game
  • know the basics of the popular JavaScript programming language

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