You can be fluent in JavaScript and be a cool Frontend developer, but it’s never too late to add the popular Frontend library React.js to your knowledge base. This course will help you to progress from the basic concepts of React to creating a full-fledged one-page application (SPA). Step by step, you will move to the organization of complex architecture and connections, using the full power of React and its auxiliary libraries. In addition to React.js and building a SPA application with React Router, we will get acquainted with the super-popular implementation of the Flux-Redux architecture. In the very end of this course we’ll finalize the practical skills by creating a simple version of the Instagram.

Group starting 



Tue, Thu: 19:00 - 22:00


24 hours


15 people

Who will benefit? 

  • those who know JavaScript, but want to study the modern popular Frontend framework
  • Frontend developers who know other libraries and frameworks
  • those who wish to write code on real cases and with practical examples
  • persistent and motivated people

Course Structure

In this module, we will discuss the basics and principles of React, its difference from other Frontend libraries and frameworks. We’ll create an app framework using “create-react-app”, learn how to write your own components and structure them correctly.

In addition, we, in particular, will discuss such topics as: 
• virtual DOM
• local state and component props
• component lifecycle
• PropTypes
• DOM communication: keys & refs
• connecting third-party auxiliary libraries

Conditions of Enrollment: 

age from 16 years
strong knowledge of JavaScript
knowledge of the syntax and capabilities of ES6 (ES2015) or higher
desire to learn and develop
personal laptop

You will be able to 

  • be confident in the syntax and capabilities of React and be able to work with it
  • easily create your own application on React
  • build your app on the principle of SPA using React Router
  • manage data flows with React Redux
  • connect third-party libraries from the React ecosystem

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