Interaction design (UI/UX)

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For 6 months you will go from the fundamentals of graphic editors to the ability to hear the client and create effective design solutions. Minimum of cold theory. A focus will be placed on the practical solution of real problems.   On the course, we will learn to understand the customer, explore his business, offer a creative way to solve problems, develop a design. We will work with different platforms and tools, learn to see the possibilities, think broadly, throw ideas on paper, prototype, communicate with programmers, invent many solutions and choose the best from it, create beautiful and well-designed layouts, present your solution to real clients. And, of course, we will supplement your portfolio with 4 projects.   We teach not detail but principles of design. You will learn to answer the question “Why is it necessary for the client” and “Why is this so?”  

Group starting 



Mon, Thu: 19:00 - 22:00
Sat: 10:00 - 16:30


200 hours


20 people

Who will benefit? 

  • beginners in the field of design
  • graphic designers who decided to engage in the field of web design
  • people who want to see web interfaces easy to use, functional, intuitive and visually beautiful
  • to all who aim to simplify the interaction of man and system to well understandable actions

Course Structure

Immediately after passing the interview and enrollment, the student starts preparing for studies. As a first homework assignment, the student receives literature and links to video lessons, with which he will be acquainted before the start of the course.

Conditions of Enrollment: 

age from 16 years
knowledge of English is not lower than Pre-Intermediate
successful passing of interview and testing
desire to learn and develop
personal laptop
*Technical knowledge/education is not required

You will be able to 

  • understand the principles of design in the technical (composition, color theory and fonts) and psychological (gestalt principles, the psychology of human perception of the site) ways
  • understand business tasks, manage the basics of business analysis and speak with the client in one language
  • see both competent and unsuccessful designs, and to explain reasonably what is wrong with the last ones
  • find ideas and offer concepts for design solutions
  • create a design for landing pages, admin panels and mobile applications
  • work in Photoshop, InVision Studio, Sketch App
  • present yourself and your product in English

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