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Our advantages

The Israeli method

Training based on the standards of the IT division of the Israeli army: the solution of specific tasks, teamwork, support and mentorship throughout the program

470-hour training course

5 technical training modules, as well as the final project in the form of a potential start-up, development of soft-skills, English learning, workshops and master classes from foreign experts

Advisory board

Invited experts from IT companies who can possibly make changes to the program in accordance with the needs of the Ukrainian market, they also are potential employers

What do we offer

  • Start learning from scratch
    Even if you have never done programming before and have not received a technical education, with the proper willingness you will manage to pass our course. Are you dreaming of changing your profession? Thanks to a well-defined program, even art & humanities scholar will join the educational process without any problems.
  • Motivation and group work
    Due to the two-stage selection of candidates for training, we form groups of motivated, ambitious and purposeful students. Working in teams of 4-5 people, they step-by-step achieve high results in the work on projects, and finally they are guaranteed to become first-class full stack experts.
  • Flipped classroom system
    No lectures but exercises. We’ll show you where to find the material, and you’ll learn the theory on video and instructions by yourself. In the classroom there will be only practice, and nothing but practice. You will also have an online system for doing homework with permanent access to all the necessary materials.
  • Soft skills development
    Synchronically with the main program, you will pass a module on skills of self-presentation, strategies for communicating with the employer and the client, writing a resume and passing the job interview.
  • Mentorship & support
    A personal mentor will not only help you throughout the training period, but will also oversee your final project. Ask mentors about preparation for classes; discuss practical cases which you will begin to work with from the first lesson in DAN.IT education.

Who we are

DAN.IT education training center implements a unique format for the training of IT specialists, which is used in the army of Israel. We are located in Kiev, so you don’t need to go abroad to get a quality education.

The initiator of the opening of DAN.IT education is Eran Lasser. In the past, he has held a senior position in Mamram, Israeli IT training Center for Army. After the end of army service Eran founded and managed a private institution John Bryce Training for the civil sector. Today John Bryce Training occupies more than 70% of the Israeli IT market and has branches in Hungary, China and Turkey. DAN.IT education will work in Ukraine as an analogue of such a center.

We are adapting the Israeli Telem method, designed to work on the strengths of each student and understanding each student motivation. This training is based on case studies and practical exercises without boring lectures and wasting of time. We also form the Advisory Board, where we invite IT industry leaders, who know what the market wants. Throughout the year we prepare students for the challenges and difficulties of the future work as a web programmer.

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Eran Lasser


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Eddie Prilepski


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Volodymyr Derkach


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Daria Obrevko

Coorse Coordinator



The entire course is completely based on a practical approach: there are no lectures and boring lecture notes – only problem solutions and realization of projects of different complexity, by the student and in small teams led by the mentor.

The number of places on the Full Stack course is limited. Hurry up to enroll in the group!

Program structure:

The first module task is to give all the necessary skills for “survival” in the world of software development. The module includes: Java basics, Unix command line, a huge number of logic exercises, structural thinking and coding techniques.

  • After completing the module, you will know, does programming “suits” you or not
  • Homework will be checked by an automated system
  • The “copying behavior” approach is used as the most effective method on the basic stage of learning

The most difficult, but very important module, which is necessary for understanding the operation of effective scaled programs. This is the basis of computer science. The knowledge you’ll get will serve as a strong technical base for further development. In the process, students will learn the basic structures and algorithms of the data.

  • After completing the module, students will have a clear understanding of the complexity of the algorithm, will be able to analyze computer performance

We’ll consider the concepts and ideas that underlie the known technologies learn the principles of OOP / SOLID, design patterns, TDD. Let’s write our own frameworks for a better understanding of the existing standards in the industry.

We will study the most popular technologies, for example, Java EE, when writing full-fledged server systems. We will also study the frameworks Spring IoC, Spring Security, Hibernate, Sql databases, NoSql, web servers and cloud technologies.

After this module students will be able to create web interfaces of any complexity level using JavaScript, React.js, Angular 2, Node, Express.js, MongoDB.

Throughout the course students will take part in master classes, workshops and webinars from Israeli and Ukrainian specialists.

  • Super productivity with the Unix command line
  • Computer networks
  • Low-level programming in Assembler
  • Programming with Rasbery PI, Adruino
  • Cybersecurity
  • Web-interface design
  • User Experience
  • Digital Typography
  • Life and work of a freelancer
  • Oracle Database. Programming with PL / SQL
  • Big Data. How to work with large amounts of data
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • DevOps
  • Best practices in the cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Monitoring of distributed systems
  • Microservices
  • Scaling of systems
  • System design
  • Project Management
  • Life cycle of startups

In addition to the lessons of conversational and business English, we will simulate full-fledged job interviews in English, creating conditions that are as close as possible to the real ones.

Together with professional recruiters and industry engineers, we will work on the summary of each student, his ability to present himself and his work, ability to communicate; we will also provide full support in the process of interviewing.

Teams will work on potential startups under weekly mentoring support. Each project is unique, have value for a certain audience of users. After 1.5 months of close-knit work, the students will present the project to the members of Advisory Board.

Apply for 4 steps

  • 1

    Sign up for a consultation by phone or by filling out a form below
  • 2

    Come to the consultation with our manager and choose the appropriate training program
  • 3

    Pass the exams and submit documents
  • 4

    Congratulations! You are accepted in DAN.IT education. Don't forget to attend the first lesson and start learning

Conditions of Enrollment:

aged 16 years and over
at least pre-intermediate knowledge of English
successful completion of the test
desire and keen interest to learn and to develop
*Technical knowledge/education are optional

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What do our students receive?


Support of a personal mentor who will help with the problem solution and will answer any questions


Help in creating a professional resume and filling it with real project examples


Assistance in employment


Interview simulation


Training in technical and business English


Free attendance of useful seminars and workshops from Israeli and Ukrainian IT leaders


Discounts for fitness classes, restaurant, consultations of a nutritionist and fitness trainer


Opportunity to start a startup at the final project stage

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