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Who we are

Who we are

In 2017 two representatives of Israeli “Startup Nation” chose Ukraine as the next step of their mission. Eran Lasser and Eddie Prilepsky – businessmen, investors, business angels and representatives of international venture funds decided to bring to Ukrainian IT-sphere the values and methodology that at one time helped Israel become a direct competitor to Silicon Valley.

Why Ukraine and city of Kyiv? The reason is that Ukrainian experts are highly valued in the global market for information services; our students have a high level of responsibility and a great desire to learn; and, of course, Ukraine deserves to represent Europe on the IT-market at the forefront. That is exactly the reason of launching the DAN. IT education training center. By the way, “Dan” in the Jewish interpretation symbolizes great potential.

Why choose our methodology

To implement the idea, the founders of DAN.IT education decided to adapt the TELEM methodology, which is also used to train technical specialists of the Israeli army. Its advantage is in a teamwork on each student’s strengths and increasing their motivation. A teacher, mentor, coordinator and HR specialist work simultaneously with a student at the center. On the one hand, he learns programming based on cases and practical exercises without boring lectures and useless waste of time, which is also the basis of our methodology. On the other hand, he has time to develop his personal skills and prepare for a job search.

The Advisory Board

To keep abreast of trends in the Ukrainian and world markets, we formed the Advisory Board and invited the leading Ukrainian experts in the field of IT who are always know what employers want and expect, and also plan and adjust our training programs. So, with the help of colleagues from the technical field, we prepare students for the challenges and difficulties of future work. Members of the Advisory Board are also potential employers for our graduates.

Our achievements

For 2.5 years in the Ukrainian market we have opened 6 fields of study with course duration from 3 to 10 months for teenagers 9-14 y.o. and adults. We are chosen by both school graduates and people over the age of 40 who have already tried several professions, but do not want to stop there. The programs at DAN. IT are taken by former lawyers, doctors, stylists and businessmen, bloggers and creators, bank employees and TV presenters. The diversity of our students’ skills is amazing, but in DAN. IT they become programmers, developers, web-designers and digital-marketers to conquer new heights. And that is what encourages us for new breakthroughs.

Today the training center is already a member of the IT Ukraine Association, an official partner of the International Bank of Azerbaijan to provide social IT-education services to the Azerbaijani market, and a gold partner of Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit. More than 1000 students have graduated, and the percentage of graduates’ employment reaches 73%.

Advisory Board

Invited experts from IT companies who can possibly make changes to the program in accordance with the needs of the Ukrainian market, they also are potential employers


Eran Lasser


Eddie Prilepsky


Ksenia Stolbovaya


Daniel Anderson

Program developer

Olga Panteleeva


Andrew Koziulia


Roman Sitnichenko

Head of sales


1300 sq. m area
8 equipped classes
Networking zone
Inspiring view from the window


There is on the territory supermarket, shoes, clothes and accessories stores, children's goods and electronics



Free underground car park is available for our students



Great choice restaurants with different concepts for every taste



Modern sporty complex for all family members: gym, swimming pool, fighting club

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